This is the entry point to a nearly complete archive of El Deth recordings and it includes plenty of raw, unmixed, improvisational and otherwise difficult material alongside the more quality works. In other words, little was left on the cutting room floor. That said, due to occasional uncleared samples, images and cover songs within, access to the archives is by request only. This access is reserved only for artists involved, interested media outlets and other archivists. If you would like to obtain the password for entry, please email and introduce yourself.

Legally, El Deth is owned by Arrison Kirby. In the event of Arrison's death, this archive, all physical media published by El Deth, and any remaining unpublished works should be donated to the Tennessee Archive of Moving Image and Sound through the Knox County Public Library.

Click on the name of a person or project listed below to learn about their involvement with El Deth and access any aural contributions they have made.

Aaron Shugart Brown
Adventures in Knoxville
American Panda
April Cooper
Arrison Kirby
Blake Lemons
The B.O.G.
Brite Flowers
The Brothers
Bryce Carron
The Bubble Orchestra
Charlie Kemp
Chris Harris
Chris Hoose
Colin Sanders
Comfort Among Strangers
Coping with Death and Destruction
Cortland Jazz
Crack Rock
Danklin Brosevelt
David Davis
David Dalton
Dave Maynard
Deep Green
Destroyed by Magnets
Deth Ambient Trio
Dire Con
Ditto Kiddo
Dr. Bombay
Dustin Basalla
Dustin Milotte
El Deth Halloween
Grant Parker
Greenway School
Hamilton Ellis
The Homeless
The Illiest
Jak Locke
Jakob Esaw
Jason Everett
Jeff Brown
Jeff Maynard
Jenny Prather
Jeremy Law
Josh Lunsford
Joshua Russell

Kenny Gilbert
Larry Palais
Lemon Drop Kid
Life is But a Dream
Love Muffler
Lulu Michelle Sanders
Matgo Primo
Matthew Zingg
May Gray
Melissa Fagan Band
Misery Loves Company
The Model Citizenz
Mother Mange
Nathan Brown
Nathan Moses
Nathan Tipton
Never Sorry
Next to Never
No War
Per Capita
Planet Icon
A Potential Terrorist Threat
The Red Clevers
the red cloud
Rhiannon Coulombe
Rob Green
Rob Reynolds
Ross McCullum
Samuel Williams
Shane Keith
Shiver Me Timbers
Simon Belmont
Skippy and the Bellbottoms
Slim Pickens
The Standstill
Sunspheric Sounds
Terry Brown
Todd Christopher
Tyler Newton
Virgo Prank Calls
Vomit on the Walls
The Wall Ants
Wednesday's Obessession
The Weekends
Wesley Wyrick
Wes Rader
The Winners Show

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