Arrison Kirby

Arrison Kirby's professional writing experience includes a 377 page book of fiction, an eBay selling guide (written under a pen name), six feature length screenplays (one which was optioned for two years), two television pilots (one which made it to the casting stage), three compositional music albums (also two sample based albums and five co-written albums), and a nine-hour audio book. They were a regular contributor to Chicago's Progressive Cinema Scorecard website and also wrote for the now defunct music blog, Good Music Bad Music. They were a political and entertainment contributor to both The Ground Report and Associated Content (before their respective restructurings), and have composed music for projects by the Disability Outreach Foundation of Chicago. Additionally, Arrison has over twenty years experience writing press releases and letter copy for the El Deth publishing house, over eight years writing product copy for an online store, and also over eight years experience writing and maintaining technical records for the State of Tennessee's Department of Human Services.

Selected writing samples:

"Diamond Dogs" from Coping with Death and Destruction
"Butterflies" from Coping with Death and Destruction

Music reviews from Good Music Bad Music:
"Air - Love 2"
"Built to Spill - There is No Enemy"
"The Ghastly Deadfuls - Atlanta, Georgia - 10.25.2009"
"Jim O'Rourke - The Visitor"
"Modest Mouse - No One's First and You're Next"

Saturday Night Live recaps from The Progressive Cinema Scorecard:
"Saturday Night Live, Season 1"
"Saturday Night Live, Season 2"

Editorials from The Ground Report:
"Marijuana Concerns Are No Laughing Matter"
"Obama Facilitating Will of the People"

Movie (optioned 2007-2009)
The Great Exchange
Randy Coles

Television pilots:
Tonight on Murderburg USA
The Romantic Misadventures of Satan

Music composition for the Disability Outreach Foundation:
"Addition by Subtraction"
"Good Thing"


Literary :

Compositional :



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