Simon Belmont
A Barely Merry Chrismix Vol. 2

"Santa is Sam Walton"
"Happy Birthday, Jesus"
"Chrismix Dreams"
"Screw Scrooge"
"Frosty's Back"
"Behold, Grizwold!"
"Where the Fuck is Santa?"
"Where Them Cookies At?"
"Let it Snow"
"Mull Berries"
"Stocking Stuffer Mother Fuckers"
"The Most Wodnerful Crime of the Year"

Arranged and produced by Simon Belmont

The Illiest - words on "Santa is Sam Walton," "Mull Berries" and "Stocking Stuffer Mother Fucker"
Enigmatic - words on "Santa is Sam Walton"
Kurt Kokaine - words on "Santa is Sam Walton"
Da Silly Goose - words on "Happy Birthday, Jesus"
Mighty Tiny Tim - words on "Screw Scrooge"
Frosty Tha Snowman - words on "Frosty's Back"

Recorded and assembled at El Studio, Knoxville, TN.