Those we have worked with through the years...    

Alan Davis
Alecia Brewer
Arrison Kirby
Bernie Worrell
The Big Tease
Beware: The Gentlemen
Bill Landry
Blake Lemons
The Bloodiest Night of my Life
The B.O.G.
Bri Zigler
The Bubble Orchestra
Charlie Kemp
Chelsea Horror
Chris Buchanan
Christine "Teenie" Hale
Colin Sanders
Comfort Among Strangers
Damn Bro
Daisy Ali
Dave Maynard
David Davis
Dee Dee Verbick
Destroyed by Magnets
Deth Ambient Trio
Dire Con
The Disability Outreach Foundation
Ditto Kiddo
Doctor Bombay
Dog Eat Dog Films
Dustin Basalla
Dustin Hurt
Evil Lincoln
Flak Jaket
The Fraid
Greenway Elementary School
Hamilton Ellis
Henry Gibson
The Homeless
The Illiest
Immaculate Hedz
Jeff Brown
Jeremy Law
Juan Prophet Organization

Larry Palais
Lemon Drop Kid
Matgo Primo
The Mattoid
Matt Zingg
may gray
McKenzie Michaels
The Melissa Fagen Band
Misery Loves Company
Mother Mange
Mr. Self Reliant
Nathan Moses
Next To Never
Per Capita
A Potential Terrorist Threat
Rachel Jae
Rachel Matvy
Random Panties
The Red Clevers
the red cloud
Rihannon Columb
Robbie Reynolds
Rob Green
The Rockwells
Samuel Williams
Scott Baiowulf
The Sense
Shane Keith
Simon Belmont
Skeleton Key
Skippy and the Bellbottoms
Shiver Me Timbers
The Standstill
Steve Sutton
Ten Fifty Six
Terry Brown
Todd Christopher
Tony Cheetum
Town Meeting
Trisha Gene Brady
Wednesday's Obsession
The Weekends
Wes Wyrick

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